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December 24 2010.

Alternative picture shooting

Making pictures is nowadays easier than ever. Even the smallest/cheapest camera is capable of making proper pictures.

To make that one picture which really matters
(for yourselves) is not that easy.


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Time to spare?

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Being extremely wide orientated from birth (I think), I find many things more than interesting. Spreading my time between all of them is a burden. To name some: photography, philosophy, instrumentation design and history, astrology, programming (PC), music etc.

I think I'm not the only one that finds days to short in every way. Biggest thread is of course that the bills must be paid and work is taking more than one third of the day to start with. Some sleep seems to be needed so there goes another big lump. Family and wife… leaving me some six hours to do the things I like most. When these are spend behind the PC they look more like six half hours. But still its more than some of you are having to spare.

I recently thought that it is not Ok if I'm not following the hype called: Internet. Mostly I try to avoid giving things from myself away in: Blogs, Skype's, Chats, etc.. It makes me feel vulnerable if my feelings etc. are spread all over the globe. It's silly time spending anyway.

No… making a website, that IS something! Well starting from scratch is not as strait forward as I thought (knew nothing about HTML and/or CSS until some two weeks ago). What will be my target? Who will I try to interest in my site? Most of all, how am I going to built the thing?

Everybody has good recommendations and tips. What programs to use. Most of all what not to use, like: MS-Frontpage creates a mess, Joomla is Ok if you know how to get it started, CoffeeCup is to limited etc.

So for now I'm just focusing on learning the needed skills. The how is more a first essential than the what. That'll come later.

Some of the Links in the right-hand bar might help to give an idea on how and/or where to start.

Those programs that shield off the HTML completely are no good for me. I like to be able to jump into the core to get to understand how it works and be able to fine-tune whatever I want to.

At the moment I'm using CoffeeCup to write this site. It suits my needs nicely and gives me more than enough freedom to play with.